Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2014

pimp my outfit II

Here we go- with my first blog post in English!
I hope all the native speakers forgive me my bad English!
But since a few of my friends don´t speak German I would like to give them a chance to be a part of our friend circle too.

Those who follow our blog a little bit longer
might know this pic here.

My friend Marlene took it while we visited the lovely city of Salzburg.
Thanks for that! I love it!

I already showed you how I "pimped" my boots!

Here is now the handbag- purse and the head band out of the same material- the old horse blanket of my grandpa!

You could also call this an up cycling project since everything I used is old.

The buckle is an old watch- I just cut the watch off and stitched it on to the bag my mom sewed for me.

The ornament you see on the first bag- pic is an belt buckle ornament  my mom made a long time ago- it is out of `FIMO`
a modeling clay.
It´s great for a more fancy look and if you don´t like it you just take it off.
Here you get a look inside a women's handbag- of course I took all my indispensable belongings out!
So you can get a sneak peek inside!
Here I  up cycled my old purse!
Can you see it?
I loved the idea of having a bag that has a built- in purse,
that way I can never loos my purse!

Just the whole bag!

Another great fact is that this bag is really small and light!

You even can easily dance with it, just sling it on over the shoulder and have fun!

This is my headband that goes with the whole Outfit.
The rose fabric is from a bed linen.
I hope you like my ideas and maybe I could inspire some of you!
 yours Lisa

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